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Imagine a life being able to watch La casa de papel without subtitles, understand and/or sing along to reggaeton songs, or even simply being able to just goto Spain or Latin America and be able to speak to the locals without having to use Google Translator 24/7.

I was once in your place, dreaming about all of this! Now, I want to help you LIVE and speak Spanish and make this a reality!

Essential Spanish for Life in Southern Spain

Let me show you the Spanish (and andaluz) I learned to be able to communicate effectively with locals and live a comfortable life in the south of Spain.

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What helped me get to fluency:

Live and Speak Spanish with Me on TikTok!

Let me show you how I learned and achieved fluency in Spanish. Book a private class with me no matter what your level is and we’ll adapt the material to your needs and interests!

My Reggaeton Playlist

Yes, it’s my “dulce pecado”, which translates to guilty pleasure. This is the actual playlist that has helped me improve my Spanish and I’ve been listening to it since I went on Erasmus!

Netflix series that boosted my spanish skills

The series I’ve watched from the beginning of my language journey to the present day!!!

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Words from my lovely students 😍

I lived in Spain for a number of months and I wanted to learn Spanish. I done many many classes with Neshann and my Spanish improved greatly. Neshann is a fantastic teacher and makes learning so enjoyable. She is very passionate about language and that strongly comes across in her teaching styles and methods. Neshann has always been so flexible with her timetable and I found her so accommodating. I would highly recommend Neshann as a teacher of languages and I would give Neshann a 5/5 star rating for her teaching and her professionalism combined.
July 2022
Learning Spanish 🇪🇸
Neshann is a great teacher as she helped me learn a lot of Spanish really quickly and I didn't think I'd know that much before I started. I also really enjoy her classes and I definitely think they're fun.
July 2022
Learning Spanish 🇪🇸
I really enjoy learning with Neshann, I've learnt a lot in her classes and they're very enjoyable! 😊
July 2022
Learning Spanish 🇪🇸
Nesh is my favorite teacher that I’ve ever had and she helped me achieve the best grade I could in my exam. She has fun and innovative ways to learn and she helped further my passion for languages which I now continue my studies in thanks to her. The best teacher I could’ve asked for :)
July 2021
Learning Spanish 🇪🇸
Empecé las clases con Nesh hace poco más de un año y son increíbles. Las clases se hacen muy cortas y siento que he mejorado muchísimo tanto por la cantidad de palabras que he aprendido como por la fluidez con la que voy hablando en las clases. Los juegos y actividades que hacemos en clase también son muy divertidos y amenos y aprendo mucho de ellos. A mí siempre me ha gustado el inglés pero con sus clases siempre me quedo con ganas de seguir aprendiendo.
Oct 2021
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