The Best Reggaeton Playlist To Learn Spanish

They say that one of the best ways to learn a language is definitely through music, and I confirm! After learning four languages, I can tell you that learning the lyrics and singing along definitely helps with vocabulary, pronunciation and overall your knowledge of the language and its related cultureI’m also aware of the fact that its definitely getting more and more popular, and who doesn’t love a good twerking song? So here, I’m sharing with you my OFFICIAL Reggaeton playlist.So, I may get judged for this, but I LOVE Reggaeton. I mean there have been times where I’m in a club ready to go home and then they play Bad Bunny and I’m like… nope! I’m staying! 😅

And yes, it’s my “dulce pecado”, which translates to guilty pleasure. This is the actual playlist that has helped me improve my Spanish and I’ve been listening to it since I went on Erasmus in Spain!

If you’re on Spotify, give it a follow and let me know your favourites!

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