Netflix series that boosted my spanish skills

Hey there, fellow language learners! As someone who’s always been passionate about learning new languages, I wanted to share the fun and effective way I used to improve my Spanish skills – Netflix series! It not only entertained me but also helped me immerse myself in the language and culture. Join me as I share my journey through some captivating Spanish shows that have played a significant role in enhancing my language proficiency. 

#1 La casa de papel

Genre: Crime, Thriller

Level of Spanish: Intermediate

Language: Spain Spanish

Summary: La Casa de Papel follows the intricate plans of a group of robbers as they attempt to carry out heists on the Royal Mint of Spain and the Bank of Spain. The series weaves together suspense, emotions, and unexpected twists, making it an addictive watch.

Ideal Audience: If you love high-stakes dramas with a touch of excitement, this series is a must-see. The character-driven storyline and engaging dialogues will keep you hooked while improving your Spanish listening skills.

Some expressions I learned from this series:

  • “No hay mal que por bien no venga.” – Every cloud has a silver lining.
  • “En el pecado lleva la penitencia.” – To bear the consequences of one’s actions.
    “Hablando del rey de Roma.” – Speak of the devil.
This is by far my favourite Spanish series!!! I started watching it the year it came out when my level was around B1, but with the help of subtitles, I was able to understand most of it! I have to be honest though, sometimes I had to switch the subtitles from Spanish to English when I didn’t know the meanings, but I would always switch back!

#2 Las chicas del cable

Genre: Drama, Comedy 

Level of Spanish: Beginner to Intermediate

Language: Spain Spanish

Summary: Set in the 1920s, Las Chicas del Cable revolves around the lives of four women working as telephone operators. Their friendships, struggles, and ambitions unfold against the backdrop of societal changes and personal challenges. 

Ideal Audience: If you enjoy historical dramas with strong female leads, this series is a perfect choice. The clear enunciation and relatable dialogue make it accessible to Spanish learners at various levels.

Expressions I learned from this series:

  • “Estar en las nubes.” – To have one’s head in the clouds.
  • “No es oro todo lo que reluce.” – All that glitters is not gold.
  • “A mal tiempo, buena cara.” – Put a brave face on it.
This series helped me understand a lot about Spain’s history!

#3 Narcos

Genre: Crime, Drama 

Level of Spanish: Advanced 

Language: Colombian Spanish

Summary: Narcos chronicles the rise and fall of infamous drug lord Pablo Escobar and the Medellín cartel. The series delves into the complexities of the drug trade and law enforcement’s efforts to combat it. 

Ideal Audience: Crime aficionados and history buffs will be captivated by Narcos. Given its fast-paced conversations and use of slang, it’s more suitable for learners who are already comfortable with Spanish.

Expressions I Learned from This Series:

  • “Camarón que se duerme, se lo lleva la corriente.” – You snooze, you lose.
  • “Cuesta un ojo de la cara.” – Costs an arm and a leg.
  • “No todo lo que brilla es oro.” – All that glitters is not gold.


Even though it’s considered to be advanced Spanish, I was able to understand it when I had beginner’s level. I watched it in my first year of learning Spanish! I started with English subtitles and switched to Spanish subtitles when I felt ready.

#4 Vis-a-vis

Genre: Thriller, Drama 

Level of Spanish: Intermediate to Advanced 

Summary: Vis-a-Vis revolves around a young woman’s journey through the Spanish prison system. Themes of survival, friendship, and personal growth are interwoven with suspenseful plot lines. 

Ideal Audience: If you’re into intense, character-driven dramas, this series won’t disappoint. The dialogues are modern and reflective of real-life conversations, providing a valuable learning opportunity for Spanish learners.

Expressions I Learned from This Series:

  • “Estás más perdido que un pulpo en un garaje.” – You’re as lost as an octopus in a garage.
  • “Darse un amarillo” – a bad trip/feeling/sickness after taking drugs
I really loved this series because it shows a lot of diversity, you can hear different accents from all over Spain, as well as slang!

#5 El ministerio del tiempo

Genre: Science Fiction, Adventure 

Level of Spanish: Intermediate to Advanced 

Language: Spain Spanish

Summary: This science fiction series involves a secret government agency that safeguards the past from being tampered with. Agents travel through time to preserve history while facing challenges and ethical dilemmas. 

Ideal Audience: If you’re intrigued by time travel and enjoy intellectually stimulating content, this series is a gem. While the dialogue can be complex, it’s an excellent choice for those looking to challenge and enrich their Spanish skills.

Some expressions I learned from this series:

  • “Más vale tarde que nunca.” – Better late than never.
  • “Una gran mentira solo se tapa con una mentira todavía más grande” – A big lie can only be covered with an even bigger lie.
I actually found out about this series in my first year off learning Spanish in Univeristy. So even though it’s considered to be intermediate-advanced, I still managed to understand most of it with the help of subtitles!

So there you have it, amigos! From heart-pounding heists to taking a trip through time and exploring gripping crime stories, these Netflix series have been like my language-learning buddies on the exciting road to mastering Spanish. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or already flexing those language muscles – there’s a show here for everyone. All you need is your favourite snack and a splash of enthusiasm. Press play, get cozy, and dive headfirst into the world of Spanish culture. ¡A disfrutar! (Enjoy!)

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