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Live and Speak
English Challenge

Implement English in your everyday life to achieve
confidence and fluency

Let me show you how you can re-programme your brain
and change your everyday habits so you can finally
LIVE, THINK and DREAM in English.

This challenge is a hybrid* course in which everything is focused on improving your conversation skills and building your confidence when speaking English. You will be challenged to speak English EVERY DAY for 5 weeks. We will also talk about the most effective methods and how our brains work in relation to language learning, so that you can apply this knowledge after the course.

hybrid = both pre-recorded and live sessions through video calls

Emma, Marseille

This challenge is for you if:

👎🏽 You have been studying English for years and you feel that you are not progressing or that you are stuck at the same level.

👎🏽 You feel that you can’t speak fluently and with self-confidence.

👎🏽 You know enough English but you are blocked when it comes to speaking.

👎🏽 You are nervous, afraid or embarrassed to speak in English.

👎🏽 You don’t get to use the vocabulary/grammar you learn.

👎🏽 In all honesty, you want to make progress and feel confident speaking, listening, reading and writing in English.

This challenge is NOT for you if:

❌ You only want to get an official English certificate and don’t care too much about improving your conversation skills.

❌ You only want to practise exam tasks (such as Cambridge, TOEFL, IELTS, Trinity etc.).

❌ You don’t want to implement English in your everyday life.

❌ You see English only as an obligation.

❌ You believe that speaking fluent English is impossible for you.

Next edition: june 2024

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Imagine yourself being able to finally speak English with confidence by methodically cultivating new habits and changing your lifestyle.

In 5 weeks, you will...

⚡️Create an effective system of learning that is sustainable for your lifestyle by creating productive habits to implement English in your everyday life.
⚡️Lose the fear and the nerves when speaking English in public.
⚡️Learn and practise using the most important phrasal verbs, idioms and collocations to sound more natural.
⚡️Learn the basics of phonetics for better pronunciation which leads to better confidence when speaking and listening.
⚡️Organise your language learning journey through an implementation plan so that you don’t lose consistency.
⚡️ Re-programme your brain to feel the change in your motivation and consistency levels.
⚡️Change your mindset about learning English and your potential to reach fluency.
⚡️Learn how to progressively continue with your language journey even after the course.

Esperanza, Jaen​

Course Calendar 🗓

  • Day 1 – Introduction to the course: How it works.
    • Introduction to the methodology
    • Vocabulary: idioms, phrasal verbs
    • Getting to know each other
    • The IDGAF attitude
    • Corrective feedback
  • Day 3 – Our brain: Neuroplasticity and habits
    • Implementation plan
    • Vocabulary: Idioms, collocations, phrasal verbs.
    • First debate: Surprise topic!
    • Corrective feedback
  • Day 5 – Pronunciation vs Accents
    • The basics – vowel and consonant sounds, liaison, connected speech for more natural English.
    • Shadowing Technique
  • Day 6
    • Consistency vs Intensity
    • Useful tools and strategies for “living” in English
    • Vocabulary: Revision of Week 1 vocabulary, comparatives.
  • Day 7 – LIVE CONVERSATIONS #3: Question Round
    • Pronunciation practice – the most common mistakes made by Spanish speakers
    • Live Debate
    • Corrective feedback
  • Day 8: The Dip
    • How to prepare for the “downfall” or “dip”
    • Vocabulary: Words and phrases to make you sound more natural in spoken English
  • Day 9 – LIVE CONVERSATIONS #4: Consistency check
    • How consistent have you been up to this point? How do you anticipate the break in the consistency and motivation chain?
    • Introduction to the first mini-project
    • Corrective feedback
  • Day 10 – Collocations
    • What are they, why they are important. Sound even more natural in spoken AND written English.
    • Story-time. How to tell a story in the most efficient way.
  • Day 11
    • Phrasal verbs – every English learner’s nightmare turned into a dream. An introduction.
    • The grammar of phrasal verbs
    • Transitive and intransitive phrasal verbs
    • Position of objects: flexible and inflexible phrasal verbs.
    • How to remember them and how to put them into use.
  • Day 12 – LIVE SESSION #5
    • Presentations of the first mini-project
    • Note taking: new vocabulary, phrasal verbs and collocations.
  • Day 13
    • More Phrasal verbs practise
    • Phrasal nouns – what they are and how to use them.
    • Phrasal adjectives – what are they and how to use them.
    • Practice exercises for maximum comprehension.
    • Self-awareness: What are our fears, insecurities, what stops us from advancing?
    • How can you adapt your English learning to your lifestyle and personality?
  • Day 15 – Idioms
    • The most common idioms – the ones we actually use – and how to remember them.
    • Bonus Practise tasks
  • Day 16 – Business English
    • The most important terms and phrases
    • How to get rid of nervousness in business meetings
    • Business emails
  • Day 17 – LIVE SESSION #7
    • Role play: Surprise Topic!
    • Corrective feedback
  • Day 18: Grammar in Conversational English
    • How to use “so”, “neither”, “either”, etc. for more naturally flowing conversations
  • Day 19 – LIVE SESSION #8
    • Role play – conversations on the phone and in person. Flowing conversations.
    • Corrective feedback
    • Progress check
  • Day 20
    • Intrinsic vs Extrinsic motivation
    • Second mini-project: The hidden gems of learning a language
  • Day 21 – Let’s delve in deeper into phonetics for pronunciation
    • The IPA, short and long vowels, diphthongs, voiced and unvoiced consonants, stressed syllables, etc.
    • Pronunciation practise – reading IPA transcripts in the dictionary.
    • Live Debate: Surprise topic!
    • Corrective feedback
  • Day 23
    • Learning from series and films – taking vocabulary from [series to be decided]
    • Vocabulary, idioms and phrasal verb analysis from clips.
    • Saying our goodbyes
    • Surprise announcement 🤫
  • Day 25
    • Where do we go from here?
    • Post-course Implementation plan
  • Bonus lesson
    • Phrasal verbs practise
    • Collocations practise
    • Free resources to practise your skills

The Three Pillars of the Course Methodology


You are one step away from achieving what you were meant to learn ALL these years in school – to speak English with ease and confidence.

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What will you get for €199*?

  • 10 Live classes (worth €200)

    Each week of the challenge we have a call in small groups to accompany all the daily work and material. This is a space to create, to resolve doubts and obstacles, and to encourage and motivate each other! We will do exercises, write down our fears and difficulties, and create a sense of community.

  • 18 Modules of Premium Content (worth €550)

    You will get lifetime access to pre-recorded classes focused on improving your conversation skills and building your confidence when speaking English. We will also talk about the most effective methods and how our brains work in relation to language learning, so that you can apply this knowledge after the course. A lot of these are inspired by the way I learned 5 languages efficiently!

  • Daily Challenges to keep your consistency (worth €280)

    The daily challenges are they key to your consistency and success. You will receive one every single day -- don't worry, they are not time-consuming at all. Challenges can be sending an voice message or a video (for speaking practise), written debates (to practise writing), etc.

  • 20+ Downloadable Workbooks and PDFs (worth €500+)

    You will receive downloadable and printable PDFs of the course's workbook and other resources to practise vocabulary, grammar, and more importantly, self-awareness and the growth mindset,

  • Lifetime Access to Private Community (worth €150)

    You will get connected to other motivated students and get the sense of community. This is a safe places where you can speak freely (in English, of course), practise conversations, get support and support others!

  • Access to the course Virtual Whiteboard

    The Virtual Whiteboard will be used during the live sessions as a tool for constant feedback and corrections for every student who attends the class.

  • Bonus: PDFs of Phrasal Verbs, Idioms and Collocations (worth over €70)

    PDFs with explanations and extra exercises for you to practise the topics you need more help with.

more than 20+ workbooks to work on theory, practice and your mindset:

€199 if you are on the waiting list

Remember, you are investing in
yourself AND in your future.

My life as a language learner completely changed when…

  • I realised the important of my mindset and attitude towards languages.
  • I learned how to create an effective implementation plan to be able to “live” in the language
  • I chose to adapt my learning techniques to my own lifestyle.

And that was when I finally achieved confidence in five different languages.

What my students say 🤩

Inés, Cadiz

“Nesh no solo enseña un idioma, enseña a conocerte a ti mismo, te enseña a ser capaz de hacer cosas tu creías que no ibas a ser capaz.”

Daphne, Lima

“We focused on mindset so we could be more conscious and aware about our learning processes.

Irene, Madrid

“Antes de hacer el curso, me sentía un poco desmotivada, estancada en el simple hecho de no poder avanzar […] y a veces necesitas este pequeño impulso, y gracias a Nesh yo lo he conseguido.”

Yaisa, Madrid

“Vais a aprender cómo con pequeños retos diarios, de verdad, tenéis el inglés presente en vuestra vida cada día.”

Victor, Alicante

“I think this challenge is different because it’s a modern way to approach English and to face the English learning process.”

Next edition: june 2024

Sign up for the waiting list to get a 50% discount!

Sorry! Sign-ups are currently closed 😅

Sign up now to get a 25% discount!

Frequently Asked Questions 🤔

How does the course work? 📖

Once you pay your registration, you will receive unlimited access to the course materials and our private community. Every single day during 28 days (except for live class days), you will receive a new pre-recorded video lesson, which you can watch at your own time, with downloadable workbooks and other resources.


You will also have daily challenges to go from theory to action and keep you active in your language journey from Day one.


The 10 live classes will be between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. (Madrid time GMT +1). The days and time will depend on your level! If you can’t attend the live session, the recording of the class will be uploaded to the private community, which you can watch any time.

Are the classes live?

Yes.Well, some of them. This is a hybrid course, meaning that you will receive pre=recorded video classes, which you can watch in your own time, and you will also be able to attend LIVE video call sessions in small groups (maximum 6 people) to be able to practise your speaking skills!

How much is the course? 💶

The original price of the course is €178.

You can make a single payment, or split your payment into 2 instalments, the first one at the time of registration and the second one after the first week.

If you are on the waiting list, you can get a 50% discount code and the price will be only 89 euros.

What materials/apps do I need? 📱
You just need the basics:
What methods of payment are available? 💳

Credit/debit card payments from all countries are accepted.  💳

You can also pay through two instalments (one at the beginning and other one after a week).

What are the challenges like? 🏆

The challenges are the KEY to this course. All of  them are quite simple – they are there just to keep you talking! 

Some examples of challenges are:

  • Send a photo of yourself with a text introducing yourself.
  • Send a video of yourself talking about your weekend plans.
  • Debate: What do you think the differences are between accent and pronunciation? (Write a few sentences giving your opinion).
How much time do I need to complete the course? ⌛️

Pre-recorded classes do not expire. You pay a registration fee and you have lifetime access to the material and PLUS, you get a discount for the next editions and upgrades of the course!

What level of English do I need to have? 🧐

To be honest, I’m not a very big fan of “levels”, at least the ones we’re used to using. Language is so complex that we cannot really “label” our level with one word or category. It’s more about out capability to do certain tasks/activities whether it is easy or difficult for us. The objective of this challenge is to make expressing yourself in English as easy as possible for you. 

So in other words, you don’t have to worry about your “level”, in this course, it doesn’t matter. Each class will be adapted to your capabilities in order for you to be able to advance and take the next step. You will also be grouped with people who are more or less in the same page as you.

What if I don't understand the lessons? Will there be a Spanish version? 🤔

All lessons will be imparted in English ONLY. I am a great believer of “the more you listen, the more you’ll understand”. This is how I and many of my students have experienced. So no, I will not be talking in Spanish in the lessons (except maybe in the Live Sessions if needed). 


BUT! Of course, every pre-recorded lesson will have SUBTITLES. Depending on your level, I will be providing both English and Spanish subtitles for maximum comprehension of the lessons.


This will train you to eliminate the habit of watching dubbed versions of series and films little by little and practise reading subtitles instead!

What if I can't attend a live class? 😭

Don’t you worry, every live class will be recorded and available for you to watch at any time. There also will be two times in the day so there is less chance for you to miss one!

Can I use this course to prepare for an English exam?

The Live and Speak English Challenge is NOT an exam preparation courseWe will not look at exam structures nor tips and tricks on how to do exam tasks. 


However, you can use this course to your advantage by implementing the knowledge and practices into your exam preparation system. The course will definitely help you with the speaking and listening parts of official English exams as you will be exposed to the language and speak it EVERY SINGLE DAY. 


Most importantly, it will help you with your confidence, which plays an important role in your exam performance.

How many students will there be in the class?

For maximum speaking time, each live class will have a maximum of 6 students. There will be other students in the community who would be attending class at another time.


Sign up for the wait list to be the first one to know and get freebies!

Sign up now to get a 25% discount!

Live classes are on Tuesdays and Thursdays either at 9-10am or 4:30-5:30 pm

There are limited spaces!
People on the waiting list 64%

Got more questions? Just ask me on Telegram 😊

Don’t forget to mention that you wanna join the challenge!