Free material to improve your language skills

Who doesn’t like free stuff? Here you can download the best PDFs and other exclusive content with tips and tricks to help you with your target language. You can also find my recommended books on Amazon and the best Spotify playlists that my students and I love!

Livin' in English
2024 Planner

A guided planner to keep in touch with your English every day.

¿Te cuesta implementar el inglés en tu día a día?
Utiliza esta agenda del 2024 para crear un hábito de utilizar el inglés a diario para llegar a tener confianza y fluidez en el idioma!

¿Te cuesta acordarte de los phrasal verbs y idioms que aprendes? 
Aquí puedes aprender más y puedes practicarlos utilizando la sección de “Use it or lose it”.

Recommended Books

Here you can see the books I recommend to my students and what I use in class. You’ll also find novels I’ve read and loved! You can order them straight from Amazon. 🤍

Free resources to improve your English 🇬🇧🇺🇸

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🎁 12 Days of Englishmas

Free resources

These holidays, I'm feeling like Mrs Claus! 🤶🏽...
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English Tongue Twisters to improve your pronunciation​

Free PDF

To practise and enhance pronunciation and fluency, use tongue twisters...
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Daily Phrasal Verbs

Free PDF

The most common verbs used on the daily :)
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Netflix Series to Improve your English

Blog Article

Recommended Netflix series according to your level
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Free resources to improve your Spanish 🇪🇸

Yes, it’s my “dulce pecado”, which translates to guilty pleasure. This is the actual playlist that has helped me improve my Spanish and I’ve been listening to it since I went on Erasmus in Spain!

If you’re on Spotify, give it a follow and let me know your favourites!

Chill songs to improve your Spanish

I absolute LOVE this playlist. It’s full of acoustic and chill song you can relax to, while at the same time, learning a lot of vocabulary and expressions people use in Spanish. 

If you’re on Spotify, give it a follow and let me know your favourites!

Netflix Series to Improve your Spanish

Coming soon :)